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"The prejudice in your mind is like a mountain, and no matter how hard you try, you can't move it."



"If you ask me whether people can change their own destiny, I don't know. As far as I am concerned, do not believe in destiny, which is the fate of Nezha."


Iwill shoulder my own destiny, and by no means do I bring trouble to others.


Iam a goblin, who lives a free and comfortable life, killing people without even blinking an eye and murdering people in cold blood.


"The one that shapes my destiny will always be myself rather than the God. I have the final say of being a demon or immortal."


Maybe the fate treats you unfairly. But never mind, just fight it to the end.


Born as a demon, so what ?



"You are my only friend."

"You too."


The viewpoints of others are nonsense. It's the truth my father taught me that who you are depends on what you say.


Chances to change your destiny in your life are few and far between.


Iwill let people look at me with new eyes. Wait and see!